About Vaughn Spurlin

I’m Vaughn Spurlin, a software engineer.

My mission in life is helping people live better by using software effectively. I do that everywhere I work, and I’ve worked in a lot of places, on everything from assembler coding to teaching enterprise development tools. Drop me down anyplace that has a computer, and I’ll figure out how to make it do what you want. Then I’ll ask why you’re really trying to do, and look for a better way to make that happen.

In my latest job, at Sun, I led an international team that supported paid customers and open source users of the NetBeans IDE for developing Web and Java apps. I’m a published author of numerous technical articles and tutorials about technologies and tools provided through NetBeans. Before Sun I developed and sustained applications and systems for multinationals, nonprofits, and small businesses from California to Alaska, with side trips overseas.


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